Nesting box for Hoopoe "Dudek"

PRICE: 20,00 €

height: ca 47 cm
width: ca 21 cm
depth: ca 21 cm
wall thickness: 2 cm
front wall thickness: 4 cm
inlet: 55 mm

weight: ca 7 kg

Material: pine

Nestbox has a double opening front wall.

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Dudek (Upupa epops)
Hoopoe is the average bird occurs throughout the Europe. Inhabits the edges of old forest trees, avenues, near the meadows and fields, orchards and the outskirts of human settlements. I prefer the places where the cattle graze. Very rare.

Nest placement height rarely exceeds 3 meters above the ground. The distance between the stalls should be 100-300 meters. Booth for Hoopoe should be replace or hang a few in certain distances, as the hoopoe is rarely used to the same place for re-breeding.


All prices are gross prices. Prices do not include transportation costs.
All boxes are sent in total (assembled). In the original boxes do not have a logo on any of the walls.

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