Nesting box for owls "Sowa II"

PRICE: 40,00 €

width: ca 28 cm
depth: ca 30 cm
height: ca 82 cm
wall thickness: 2 cm
front wall thickness: 2 cm
inlet: 15 x 15 cm

weight: ca 11 kg

Material: pine

Box has a hinged front wall.

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These nesting boxes should be hung at the following heights:
- for Tawny owl at a height of 7 to 12 meters above the ground in old forests, parks, gardens, cemeteries, woodlots midfield, near the meadows and fields.
- for Long eared owl than 5 meters above ground level in the river valleys, mid-field area on the outskirts of cities, parks.
- for Boreal owl at a height of 5-7 feet above the ground in the forests of pine, fir or spruce, mixed forests of beech, on the edge of water bodies.

The distance between the stalls should be approximately 1 km.


All prices are gross prices. Prices do not include transportation costs.
All boxes are sent in total (assembled). In the original boxes do not have a logo on any of the walls.

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