Nestboxes for birds 34mm

Nesting box "Serce"

Nestbox designed by
Nesting box "Tatry"

Nesting box "Serce" 34mm Nesting box designed by Sokołowski 34mm Nesting box "Tatry" 34mm
PRICE: 8,5 €PRICE: 9,00 €PRICE: 10,00 €
Nesting box "Serce" 34mmNesting box designed by Sokołowski 34mmNesting box "Tatry" 34mm
Zapytanie o budkę lęgową dla ptakówZapytanie o budkę lęgową dla ptakówZapytanie o budkę lęgową dla ptaków

Nesting box "Muchołówka"

Nesting box "Sikorka"
Nesting box for birds "Muchołówka" 34mm Nesting box for birds "Sikorka" 34mm
PRICE: 10,00 €PRICE: 11,00 €
Nesting box for birds "Muchołówka" 34mmNesting box for birds "Sikorka" 34mm
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These nesting boxes are for the following birds:
- Lesser Spotted Woodpecker,
- Nuthatch,
- Great Tit,
- Blue Tit,
- Crested Tit,
- Marsh Tit,
- Coal Tit,
- Collared Flycatcher,
- Red-breasted Flycatcher,
- Spotted Flycatcher,
- Pied Flycatcher,
- Treecreeper,
- Short-toed Treecreeper,
- Tree Sparrow,
- Sparrow.

Generally, nesting boxes should be hung at a height of 50 cm to 3 meters above the ground. The distance between the stalls should be about 20-30 to 300 meters. Direction of hanging nest is not very different depending on the species. Preferred directions are south-east and north. Most importantly, the breeding shed was not exposed to strong winds, rain and sunlight. Most cases of type A is hung on the edges of deciduous and mixed forests, trees, parks and gardens.

All prices are gross prices. Prices do not include transportation costs.
All boxes are sent in total (assembled). In the original boxes do not have a logo on any of the walls.

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