Nestboxes for birds 45 mm

Nesting box "Szpak"
Nesting box "Szpak II"
Nesting box "Szpak III"
Nesting box "Szpak" 45mm Nesting box "Szpak II" 45mm Nesting box "Szpak III" 45mm
PRICE: 11,50 €PRICE: 11,50 €PRICE: 10,50 €
Nesting box "Szpak" 45mmNesting box "Szpak II" 45mmNesting box "Szpak III" 45mm
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Nesting box "Kowalik"

Nesting box "Kowalik" 45mm
PRICE: 10,00 €
Nesting box "Kowalik" 45mm
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These nesting boxes are for the following birds:
- Great Spotted Woodpecker,
- Middle Spotted Woodpecker,
- Hoopoe,
- Wryneck,
- Nuthatch,
- Great Tit,
- Pygmy Owl,
- Starling,
- Tree Sparrow,
- Sparrow.

Generally, nesting boxes in type B hangs at a height of 2 to 5 feet above the ground in deciduous forests and inhabited, parks and gardens from the south-east, east, south-west, west and north. Preferably in places not exposed to continuous sunlight. Boxes should be hung at a distance of 100 to 500 feet apart.

Exceptions are hung nest for the sparrows, which can hang side by side.

All prices are gross prices. Prices do not include transportation costs.
All boxes are sent in total (assembled). In the original boxes do not have a logo on any of the walls.

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