Owl Nest Boxes:

Tawny Owl Nest Box
"Puszczyk duży"
Tawny Owl Nest Box
Barn Owl Nest Box

Tawny Owl Nest Box "Puszczyk duży" Tawny Owl Nest Box "Puszczyk mały" Barn Owl Nest Box
PRICE: 20,00 €PRICE: 17,00 €PRICE: 30,00 €
Tawny Owl Nest Box "Puszczyk duży"Tawny Owl Nest Box "Puszczyk mały"Barn Owl Nest Box
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Boreal Owl Nest Box

Little Owl Nest Box

Owl Nest Box
Boreal Owl Nest Box Little Owl Nest Box Owl Nest Box
PRICE: 20,00 €PRICE: 25,00 €PRICE: 20,00 €
Boreal Owl Nest BoxLittle Owl Nest BoxOwl Nest Box
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Owl Nest Box "Sowa II"
Owl Nest Box "Sowa II"
PRICE: 37,00 €
Owl Nest Box
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Tawny Owl Owls can be found throughout the world, in almost every region. Most owls inhabited woodland of all kinds, from old trees to loose young forests, also close to human settlements.

Owls are birds of prey, who ate mainly small mammals, amphibians, even insects. Almost all species of owls accumulate stocks that they hold near the nest.

Owls breeding season is from January to May, when the nests of other birds use or adapt other place to brood, ie ledges, around the turns in the walls, chimneys, loft buildings, and even on the ground. Some species of owls use nest boxes and bird boxes, nesting boxes, or specially designed. Both parents involved in their offspring.

All species of owls are covered by strict species protection. In order to help the birds are hung special nesting boxes for them, especially in places convenient for them. Nesting boxes for owls should be hung at a height of at least 5 meters above the ground . Even if a hung booth there is no nesting owls, they are able to use it such as your pantry.

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