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Swifts Nest Box
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Swifts Nest Box Double Swifts Nest Box Fourfold Swifts Nest Box
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Swifts Nesting BoxDouble Swifts Nesting BoxFourfold Swifts Nesting Box
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Swift Swift are covered by strict species protection.

Protection of swifts may also rely on the hanging nest boxes for them. Nesting boxes are hung from the end of April to the end of May. If the box is hung up before it can be inhabited by other species of birds such as starlings or sparrows. To counter this, you can cover the inlet opening to May.

Swifts very strongly attached to their nesting sites. For this reason it is very difficult to get used to the new location, so if you remove and re-hanging nest boxes for swifts, be sure to hang a breeding box in exactly the same, especially to the inlet opening was exactly the same place. If there is a need to change their breeding places (even a few centimeters), it is good to hang booth in June and July next to the old nesting places for swifts accustomed to them before departure for the winter in mid-August.

Nesting boxes for swifts should hang as high as possible - minimum height above the 2nd floor . Do not hang the boxes on the south side, where the shed will be exposed to strong sunlight (heating of the booth).

Nesting boxes hung under the eaves, roofs, walls performances do not require protection against moisture. Contrast, sheltered booth hung on the walls, require security for example, by padding with sheet metal, cardboard or linoleum.

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